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GIMP Lives!

by on Sep.19, 2009, under Technology

One of the things that I’ve hated about my favorite photo editing program since they release version 2.6 was that the tool boxes jumped on top of everything (like always-on-top for just the application).  Despite my best efforts, I never found the option to change that until today.

Because the option is named very, very poorly. :-(

As is pointed out here, the name of the option you are looking for that will change the window behavoir back to how it used to be in previouse versions is hidden under Edit -> Preferences -> Window Management -> “Window Manager Hints”.  Yeah that’s right.  Poorly named to anyone but the developer that made it.  Under that change the Hint for toolbox/other docks options to “Normal Window” instead of “Utility Window”.

Restart and there you go!

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Photoshopping Faster: Using Your Feet

by on Mar.08, 2009, under Interface, Technology

You know what they say: Use your head.

I got a better idea: Use your feet.

I originally built my foot interface for MIDI/gaming applications but I found another great application: image editing.

I was going about filling around some lines with colors in The GIMP, and as I was working I thought, Hey, I keep switching back and forth between the paint tool and the eraser tool pretty often. When I had to switch I either needed to skim through the giant tool pallet to find my new tool, or laboriously, lift my head and chin from my left hand so I could press the appropriate keyboard shortcut.  It got old, but then I thought: Hey, I’ll just use my feet.

So I fired up my AutoHotkey editing skillz and bound a couple of buttons on my foot controller to the paint and erase tools (or rather the keyboard shortcuts for them).  Viola!  Instant speedup.

Now I can waste away my life painting away at pointless things much more quickly!

Also, I bound another couple buttons to undo/redo to help speed up fixing my mistakes.  Now I just need to figure out how to make the tools pressure sensitive using the foot pedals . . .

Edit: I also set Page Up/Page Down to buttons.  Imagine how convenient it is for me to just lean back and read something long, hands free!

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Dragons (other’s art)

by on Jan.27, 2009, under Fantasy

Bewarned: I don’t speak for all the art of all these people, some of it derserves to be skipped.

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