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Stupid Stupid…

by on Mar.07, 2009, under General, Interface

So, my DDR pads, you know, the ones my friend and I built from scratch? (Todo, post pages on them.)
Yeah, they broke – again. Okay, one still works fine but the other isn’t. That makes me angry. Pissed. Unhappy.

How much is a Cobalt Flux?

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by on Feb.02, 2009, under General, Technology

So today, at work, we rolled out a new system that affected practically everyone in the company.  As we were planning it, we knew that it would affect pretty much everyone across the board, so I sent out an e-mail, via my manager, to all the important heads of departments who forwarded it on to their worker bees as they saw fit.  In this e-mail, I addressed some of the features that would be new to the system, and some current features that, presumably unused, would not be carried over to the new system, unless additional feedback showed otherwise.

I received some feedback from this and subsequent e-mails and adjusted the new system accordingly.  Because what was changing was so big, this process (asking people to look over the new system and present feedback on what they would miss) was repeated no fewer than four times.

Finally I found out about a final go ahead and we released the system today.  Everything went smoothly for the first few hours until my team lead walked up to me and told me the one of the VPs from another department needed xxyy feature added back in ASAP.

Frustrated, but willing to overlook a mistake by the head of one of the most important teams in the company, I began working on adding said feature back in – adding an optional check box that allowed them to activate the feature at will.

Partway through implementing the changes, a thought occurred to me.  I went to ask my manager for clarification on that point.  In the ensuing conversation, I discovered that what I was adding back in was not to be an optional feature at all – but mandatory for everyone everywhere.  What more, this was not a casual want, but one that was, apparently, vital to the very system I was working on running smoothly.  How did we manage to go through 4+ rounds of checks and double checks while every manager and owner received notifications, the first and foremost of which stated explicitly, as a potential point of concern, that this feature was not going to be added unless it was needed, and not have anyone manage to mention anything toward keeping this feature in the new system?

Anyhow, I’m pissed.  Not immortally, eternally angry.  Just pissed for the moment.

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